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The Great Priory of The Netherlands and Covid-19 from 27 november 2021

Due to the current developments in the Covid-19 pandemic, the Board of the Great Priory of the Netherlands has revised the policy as adopted on September 21st last.

As a result, the following applies with immediate effect.

  1. Because it is imperative to keep a distance of at least 1.5 metres in all circumstances and to wear face masks, it is not permitted to perform the installation rituals of the Order.
  2. The Preceptories and Priories are advised to meet only in a virtual form. There is a dispensation for this.
  3. The Preceptories and Priories have a dispensation to postpone an installation meeting indefinitely; on the day of the installation meeting a normal regular meeting will take place, preferably in a virtual form.
  4. The Board strongly advises Preceptories and Priories that decide to meet physically to only admit participants who can show a corona ticket (consisting of a QR code and an identity card) and who had a negative result in a Covid-19 rapid antigen test on the day of the meeting.
  5. This policy will apply for as long as circumstances warrant.

Preceptories and Priories, who do not have facilities to hold a virtual meeting, can use Great Priory's Zoom license.

Last modified 27 november 2021